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SSU Confers upon Brian & Peri Zahnd Honorary Doctorates of Divinity

It’s with great joy and admiration that St. Stephen's University confers upon Brian Zahnd and Peri Zahnd well deserved Honorary Doctorates of Divinity in a ceremony today (April 8, 2024) at the Church of Mary in Ephesus.

From Brian - “Today was a very special day for Peri and me. St. Stephen’s University conferred on us Honorary Doctorates of Divinity. The ceremony was held at the Church of Mary in Ephesus— site of the Third Ecumenical Council in 431 that declared Mary as the Theotokos (God-bearer), thus defending the full divinity of Christ. It was a special day in a very special place. I’m extremely humbled by this honour and want to express my deepest gratitude to the SSU Board of Governors, Dr. Bradley Jersak, Dr. Peter Fitch, and Dr. Andrew Klager.”

Images of the ceremony below:

Watch a video of the ceremony below:


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