St. Stephen's University - Christian University with Travel Program


Be Yourself.

Relax. SSU is a place where you can be who you really are, where you can discover more about what you’re good at and what makes you tick. Explore your mind, your heart, your faith, and how you relate to people. Grow your communication skills, your critical thinking skills and your people skills. Come to SSU and find more of the confidence you need to enjoy your life.

Journey Together.

Your life’s journey really switches gears after high school. Life at SSU is like a pilgrimage, a journey with a purpose, and we invite you to join us as we journey together, seeking wisdom, compassion and beauty. Come and build your life on these foundations.

Expand Your World.

Your world is only as big as you make it. SSU will expand your horizons, expand your mind, and quite literally expand your world. You’ll experience first-hand more than a dozen countries, absorbing their unique cultures and appreciating their diverse people. Come see the world with us, deepen your understanding and widen your worldview.

SSU is proudly the smallest university in Canada!

  • We are a small close-knit community with no more than 30 new students enrolled in our Liberal Arts programs each year.
  • We offer challenging academics that enable our graduates to enter Master’s programs, many with significant funding.
  • We highly value authentic, honest faith and we are comfortable with difficult questions.
  • We are passionate about creating a safe place where everyone feels accepted and included.
  • We enjoy life together on a daily basis — cooking, eating, cleaning and travelling together as well as studying.
  • We include totally integrated, full credit study abroad in Europe and Asia as part of all our degrees. And you travel with your whole class!


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