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Testimonials from Crisis, Connection & Creativity pilot course students:

The learning environment was enjoyable, relaxing, and forgiving, which other universities severely lack.

I liked starting off each week with these [videos] because it allowed me to smoothly slip into the next subject. It was a great way to prepare myself for the next set of materials. I am a very visual and auditory learner, so they helped a lot.

I was always excited to sit down and watch the next video.

I so appreciated having a facilitator who summarized each week in their video reflection while simultaneously shifting the platform into the next week through the weekly check-in's.

I valued the multiple perspectives and areas of focus brought forward by each professor in their respective week.

Every week was different! I loved the diversity of information and flexibility of responses throughout the course.

I liked the freedom to do each week on our own schedule.

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Crisis, Connection & Creativity

Crisis, Connection & Creativity is an online course that invites you to explore ideas and practices for building resilience and living well in your day-to-day lives, and during times of crisis. Through video mini-lectures, suggested readings, self-reflection worksheets, and a variety of practices - breathe, pay attention, listen to a piece of music, take a walk, laugh, exercise - you will spend nine weeks connecting with yourself, instructors and fellow students.

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Anxiety, Awe & Action: Sustainably Responding to the Climate Crisis

Join a team of passionate instructors and fellow students in an online course on climate awareness, sustainability and change! We’ll read clifi (climate fiction), discuss climate change anxiety, explore how other cultures have historically interacted with their environment, and learn practices to appreciate the natural world, sustainably engage in climate action, and find hope for our shared future.

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