The Mission of SSU is to prepare people, through academic, personal, and spiritual development, for a life of justice, beauty, and compassion, enabling a humble, creative engagement with their world.

This is a welcoming and inclusive university.

We are building a community that does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender identity, mental health, physical ability, race, religious belief or sexuality.

We are dedicated to becoming the kind of learning community that can welcome and serve all people, working towards our mission of pursuing justice, beauty, and compassion. Where barriers arise, we will do our best to overcome them together.

We welcome anyone who shares our passion for asking life’s big questions: who are we? how do we find and make meaning? how do we transform our world? We offer you fertile soil to try out some ideas, to figure out ways to live together, to discover who you are and what your place might be in the family of things.  At SSU, development means learning to put down roots, to live in uncertainty with hope, to work for justice, to make beauty, to embrace compassion. Being rooted here for a while will let you grow even more into the person you are.  And it will give you time to design and create your own wings.  We want you to take flight, and take your version of justice, beauty and compassion with you wherever you go.