Become an informed citizen of the world

SSU has a strong commitment to educating and equipping students to be informed world citizens. The BIS degree requires successful completion of at least 120 credit hours (15 credit hours per term), with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 (“C”). At least 30 credit hours may be taken in professional or applied studies at a recognized technical college in New Brunswick or elsewhere. The BIS degree is typically conferred after a successful completion of four years of full-time study, which includes four terms in residence at SSU, two terms at a technical college, and study-abroad terms in Asia and Europe.

The Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) includes 4 flexible components:

  • study of humanities and social sciences at St. Stephen’s University (60 credit hours)
  • study of an applied skill or trade at a technical college or similarly recognized training institution (30 credit hours)
  • an SSU term in Southeast Asia (15 credit hours)
  • an SSU term in Europe (15 credit hours)

Courses in International Studies

Community Engagement Program

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