The Diploma in Theology & Culture is a two year program for serious lay people or people who may not qualify for the M.Min or M.A. It focuses on personal spiritual formation and equips the student with the biblical, theological, and historical foundations for ministry. Mature students (older than 23) who have not completed an undergraduate degree (or established equivalency) but who have worked in professional ministry for three years may apply for a Diploma in Theology & Culture by Module.

SSU’s approach to theological education is an attempt at a holistic preparation for a life of Christian ministry. It fuses together a striving for academic excellence, practical training in a local church or mission, and a serious focus on personal spiritual formation. All of this is carried out within SSU’s vibrant, trans-denominational, community ethos. We are preparing leaders for the 21st century church by revisiting Christian classics as well as by studying emergent and postmodern writers. In this way we are working toward the formation of an ancient-future paradigm. We celebrate the whole Church and we also honour the renewing work of the Holy Spirit around the world.

The successful completion of a Diploma in Theology & Culture by Module requires a total of 36 or 42 credit hours composed of:

  • Three classroom modules (two week intensive on-site or over a semester online) (10 credit hours per module or 30 credit hours total).
  • One study abroad module (six credit hours), locations vary. Our next travel module will be March 2023 to Israel/Palestine.
  • Students who excel in their Diploma studies after two modules may apply for promotion to the MMin program.
  • Note: Students may use IRPJ Peace modules (online) to fulfill module requirements.


Course List

MA in Theology & Culture