Radio SSU: Renate Gritter

Renate Gritter - The Falling

Renate and her welcoming presence can be found around the table describing her latest culinary discovery, singing opera in an Austrian park, or reflecting on life’s gifts through poetry.
Join me as Renate and I chat about her writing and what animal best describes her poetry.

“The Falling”

Oh sun through the trees… you are beautiful.
You are disinterested and warm and full of light
that most cannot see.
You are colour and you are change… and it is hard to say goodbye.
It is hard to let what was once alive grow limp and slip away
but I can see you now all the clearer.
And you reveal the underbrush, what I once thought of as dry, in all of its texture and intricacy… and you are beautiful.
You are beautiful in my full memories of green summer… and you are beautiful in the fall.

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