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Bursary Application


Below is the bursary application for students who require additional financial assistance to study at SSU. Before completing this application, it is important that students have first applied to their desired program, been accepted into a full master's degree program or certificate program, and have sent their deposit to SSU to hold their spot.

Contact Information:

Bursary Percentage

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: We ask that you enter the bursary percentage in the field below that reflects your financial needs best. This bursary application will undergo an approval process based on your financial needs as provided in the next section. It is therefore important that you choose a percentage that is high enough so that studying at SSU is genuinely financially feasible for you, but that is not too high that it does not accurately reflect the financial information that you provide for us in the next section. In other words, this application should reflect your sincere financial needs, both in what you can afford and what SSU feels comfortable approving.


Please also note that SSU offers tuition payment plans for our students, which means that you can spread out the payment of your tuition throughout the semester in which you are enrolled. This more convenient and affordable method of paying for your tuition will also be considered when deliberating over your bursary application, and we ask that you consider this payment method as well when choosing a bursary percentage below.

What bursary percentage are you applying for? (This is the percentage that would be deducted from the total cost of your tuition) *


Financial Information:

NOTE: All information will be kept confidential.


Please upload an approx. 300–400-word Statement of Financial Need. This statement should explain how much tuition you can afford by describing your challenges clearly, while also highlighting your strengths so that we can be confident that you will be able to afford the remaining amount of your tuition.

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