The SSU Family

PRESIDENT ROBERT J. CHEATLEY, B.Sc. AGR. (GUELPH); B.Min. (SSU) Bob Cheatley first became part of the SSU family in 1997 when he joined the Board of Governors. Eager to experience more of SSU life, he enrolled in the Ministry program as a student, receiving his B.Min. in 2002. Bob has put his business background and intimate understanding of our community to good use as SSU's second president. Bob and his wife Marlene live in the beautiful town of St. Andrews. One of Bob's favorite things is walking the nature trail along the St. Croix river on his lunch breaks.

A. GREGG FINLEY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (UNB) Professor Emeritus of History Gregg Finley's research and writing explores themes in Canadian history, church architecture and the relationship between Christianity and culture. Ask anyone and you will get the same answer, Gregg LOVES history; in particular, he is passionate about the history of Celtic Christianity. Before he joined the SSU family, Gregg taught at some of our neighbouring universities in New Brunswick, as well as holding positions as executive director of King’s Landing Historical Settlement and chief curator of the New Brunswick Museum. Gregg and his wife Linda live in Fredericton. One of Gregg's favorite things is cooking his famous "Celtic" spaghetti.
PETER D. FITCH, B.A. (BETHEL); M.Div. (DENVER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY); D.Min. (FULLER) Dean of Ministry Studies, Religious Studies Peter Fitch didn't know when he started his undergrad at the University of Western Ontario that he would end up teaching at the smallest university in Canada. But, fresh out of graduate school, Pete found himself at St. Stephen's University. Peter is passionate about building healthy leaders that will, in turn, build healthy Christian communities. His main academic focus is the History of Christian Spirituality, though he also teaches other courses in Philosophy, Biblical Studies, and Practical Theology. Peter and his wife Mary Ellen live across the street from the SSU campus. One of Peter's favorite things is sitting at his kitchen counter sharing homemade bread with whoever is visiting.
AGNES KRAMER-HAMSTRA, B.A. (UWO); B.Ed. (UWO); M.A. (McMASTER); Ph.D. (McMASTER) English Agnes Kramer-Hamstra only recently decided that she wanted to be a professor of literature "when she grew up". Drawn in by the power of story, Agnes pursued that passion all the way to the Ph.D level. Prior to her studies Agnes helped raise a few children, loving the excuse to read new and old children’s stories and songs (Fraggle Rock, Nick Parks’ Wallace and Grommit). To help put food on the table, she worked in a public library (all those books!). Agnes and her husband Andy live in St. Stephen. One of Agnes's favorite things is scouting out lakes and rivers good for canoeing and swimming.
LOIS MITCHELL, B.P.E. (UNB); M.Sc. (WATERLOO); Ph.D. (UNB) Director of International Studies Lois Mitchell has been involved with SSU for a number of years now. She brings a wealth of experience to her role, having taught sociology at Memorial and UNB, and, more recently, courses on global issues and citizenship at Crandall University. Lois has travelled extensively, and is involved with the Canadian Baptist Ministries as well as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. In the classroom (and out!), Lois challenges students to think deeply about faith and justice, sustainability, globalization and cross cultural engagement. She and her husband Dale live on Deer Island.
WALTER J. THIESSEN, B.R.S. (CONCORD COLLEGE); M.A. (MENNONITE BRETHREN BIBLICAL SEMINARY); D.Th. (UNISA) Dean of Arts, Psychology Walter Thiessen started his career as a counsellor as a practical expression of his lifelong interest in individual and communal pursuits for wholeness. Walter's Mennonite roots have inspired in him a great passion for issues of social justice as well. As a result, he is dedicated to understanding and practicing Christian healing that integrates personal wholeness with social justice and peace. Walter is married to Carol Thiessen, who can be found cooking up a storm in the SSU kitchen. One of Walter's favorite things is watching a really good movie.

SHEILA BROOKS Financial Aid Officer and Executive Assistant to the President Sheila Brooks and SSU stick together like paper and glue. Sheila joined the SSU family 14 years ago when she decided she could use her super-helping-people-powers more completely. As our financial aid officer, Sheila combines her Acadian exuberance and many administrative skills to help our students find much needed funds to pay for their education. Sheila lives in St. Stephen with her husband, Brian, and many students have been "adopted" into the Brooks' home as well. In Sheila you will always find a cheerful face and a comforting shoulder. One of Sheila's favorite things is extreme sports involving water.
LORNA JONES, B.A. (GORDON COLLEGE); M.R.E. (ACADIA); Spiritual Direction (AASEA) Financial Officer, Spiritual Director Lorna Jones has been a vital part of the SSU family for many years. She came to St. Stephen in 1991 and so fell in love with the SSU community that she has never looked back! She brings many talents to our community—spiritual direction, teaching, and book-keeping, to name only a few! Lorna is known for her calm demeanor, bringing peace to all who are near. One of Lorna's favorite things is taking beautiful photos of her natural surroundings.
KENDALL KADATZ, B.A. Religious Studies (RMC); B.A. (SSU); B.Ed. (UNB); M.Ed. Candidate (UNB) Facilities/IT Manager, Travel Studies Coordinator Kendall Kadatz came to SSU after spending some time teaching English as a Second Language in Korea with some SSU grads. Kendall first experienced SSU as a student (where he obtained one of his three bachelor's degrees). Having sampled Pad Thai in 6 different countries (individual locations too numerous to list), Kendall is now our resident Pad Thai connoisseur. He also does many other things, like facilitating community life (the workings of students, staff and faculty), facility management (keeping our big yellow house healthy), travel studies coordination...and the list goes on! Kendall can often be seen working on his yard with his wife Shelley (just a stone's throw away from campus), or making funny faces with the cutest kids in the world (aka - their two children). One of Kendall's favorite things is letting his beard grow out.
DEBBIE MACDONALD, B.A. (SSU) Associate Registrar When Debbie MacDonald graduated from SSU in 2002, she asked God to show her in writing what to do next, and soon thereafter received a letter inviting her to work for SSU. From receptionist to administrative assistant, recruiting and admissions, Debbie has made her mark here in many roles, and is now guiding students along their academic paths as our new Associate Registrar. Debbie’s bright and loving personality are an indispensable gift to this community, and you would be hard pressed to find a laugh more contagious than hers . One of Debbie’s favourite things is a piping hot french vanilla latté.
CAROL THIESSEN Food Services Coordinator Carol Thiessen is responsible for SSU's amazing home-cooked meals. She makes amazing homemade bread and soups and pies. Carol believes that meals at SSU should represent a balance between healthy, well-balanced food and sustainable, economical buying practices. Carol loves providing a place where students have the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills while singing music at the top of their lungs and banging pots and pans. Carol is a bit of a competitive person; she was once bet that she couldn't make a pie in 15 minutes. She finished it in 11 (complete with little cut-out pastry hearts). Carol and Walter host periodic movie nights at their house which is a short walk from campus. One of Carol's favorite things is playing speed scrabble with students in between meal prep.
JEREMY BARHAM, B.Sc. (BRISTOL); P.G.C.E. (EXETER); B.Min. (SSU) Marketing & Admissions Jeremy hails from the U.K. and is married to our French lecturer, Rachael. They moved here in 2008, having originally studied here in 2002. They fell in love with SSU and decided to move back here permanently with their daughter Amelie. Jeremy works with our other in-house recruiter, Moriah Petch.
RAYMOND FUNK, B.A. (SSU) Community Life Ray works with Kendall on making sure daily community life is fun and organised. Ray met his wife Rosie at SSU, and she is also working here this year as Librarian and Front Office Coordinator. Ray is a talented musician, with a bestselling (in St. Stephen at least) EP and more songs coming soon. In his spare time he likes to brew beer with Kendall.



JOHN H. EVANS, B.A., LL.B. (UNB); B.Min. (SSU) Asian Studies
DAVID MOORE, B.A. (UCSB); M.Min. (SSU); Ph.D. (UNISA) History
JENS NEUMAN, B.A. (UNB); B.Ed. (STU); M.A. (UNB); M.Div. (ACADIA) German
ALAN M. SEARS, B.Ed., M.Ed. (UNB); Ph.D. (UBC) International Studies
HANNAH BERNARD, B.A., M.A. (SSU) Literature
LELAND MAERZ, B.A., B.Min., M.Min. (SSU); M.Ed. (ACADIA) Philosophy
JOEL MASON, B.A. (SSU); M.A. (TWU) Interdisciplinary
KATIE GORRIE, B.A. (SSU); M.F.A. (UBC) English
BRAD JERSAK, M.A. (BRIERCREST); M.Div. (TWU); Ph.D. (BANGOR, WALES) Theology, Philosophy
ROBERT STACKPOLE, B.A. (WILLIAMS); M.A. (OXFORD); D.Th (ANGELICUM) Catholic Studies / Religious Studies
RICK COATES, B.Eng. (TUNS), M.Min (SSU) Statistics
SARAH MACPHAIL, B.Public Relations (MOUNT SAINT VINCENT); M.A. (DALHOUSIE) International Studies
PAUL CARLINE, (PBI, Moody Graduate School, Carey Theological College) International Studies
ANDREW KLAGER, B.A. (CBC), M.A. (McMASTER), Ph.D. (GLASGOW), International Studies, History